Da Capo III


On the island of Hatsunejima, where spring is eternal, grows a particular large cherry blossom tree. This cherry blossom tree never withers, and is said to be able to fulfill any wish.

However, one day, this tree had become a normal cherry blossom tree…

Da Capo III Episode List

EpisodeEpisode TitleDate AddedWatch
1Episode 12016-04-18Start Watching!
2Episode 22016-04-18Start Watching!
3Episode 32016-04-18Start Watching!
4Episode 42016-04-18Start Watching!
5Episode 52016-04-18Start Watching!
6Episode 62016-04-18Start Watching!
7Episode 72016-04-18Start Watching!
8Episode 82016-04-18Start Watching!
9Episode 92016-04-18Start Watching!
10Episode 102016-04-18Start Watching!
11Episode 112016-04-18Start Watching!
12Episode 122016-04-18Start Watching!

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